Brady Miller

TODO lists


OpenEMR Code Reviews


OpenEMR Project Admin

  1. Upgrade wiki (mediawiki) to most recent version.(R working on)

OEMR Organization

  1. Add MACRA,MU,MIPS,PQRS to Education.
  2. Join OSI.
  3. Set up OEMR secrets (via M. email)
  4. New OEMR logo(have budget of $100).
  5. Budget.
  6. Fund-raising(options are donations grants, crowd-sourcing etc; d/w L regarding crowd-sourcing and many more).

OpenEMR Next Release

  1. Ensure php-openssl working in ubuntu packages, all dockers (official dockers (except 5.0.0), all alpines in docker farm and ensure works out of box in ubuntus, especially 18.04), and in xampp package.(test log encryption and doc encryption to ensure it’s working on all platforms). demo farm docker 16.04 on 5.0.1 passed; …
  2. New ubuntu and xampp php settings to change to(for 5.0.1): max_input_time = -1 (done in ubuntu and need to test) , memory_limit = 512M (done in ubuntu and need to test)
  3. Removed ubuntu perl dependencies, so will need to build a new version development ubuntu package at some point. In this package could also stream line the clone with the --depth 1 setting.
  4. For next ubuntu package, don’t secure files needed for install if auto-configuration was not done.(low priority)